Consider these things moving forward:

  1. The shorter the time you’ve known them, the less investment there is. Take everything at the very beginning with a grain of salt. Everything is a no biggiue at this point.
  2. If your love language is Quality Time then this is a really annoying thing, it’s rude.
  3. At this point (see #1) people aren’t going to put a lot of effort in, and his actions now may not be reflective of his actions if you two were in a serious relationship. However, I tend to be pretty skeptical but have been proven wrong.
  4. A lot of people play Good/Better/Best and at this stage are just juggling dates as if they are interviews for a job, so they may postpone or cancel in leu of someone that seems “better.” Happens all the time.
  5. Its so much easier for people to string you along vs. the potential conflict of saying “sorry we are not a match.” I tried to make sure that anyone I had a date with and thought were werent a math, i told them respectfully “You seem really great, but I don’t think we are a match at this time. i wish you well in your search!” I got burned more than once with an angy “Well I don’t want you either!” or “Please tell me at length what i could have done differently” etc. So people go the easy route.

In summary. Just let it go, the ball is entirely in his court now. Focus elsewhere and keep dating more than one person. If you do it sequentially then you’ve find someone in 2037. if you do in in parallel it will go much faster. As soon as you have a spark with someone you can relax with the others.