About The Status Game™ and Concepts

The Status Game is a card game based on the concept - developed by Mark Bradford - that all relationships are based on status. Each of us develops certain aspects of others that we value. Those status items are things like height, physical appearance, wealth, power, kindness, parenting methods, religious beliefs, recklessness, etc. What we are attracted to is very personal, and can be a combination of things. The playing cards demonstrate this. Sometimes hilariously.

Like Real Life

Like real life, the card game allows you to build your status. You can ask other players to date, try to figure out their status, and ultimately marry the one with the highest status. In real life the status is personal, in the card game it is a bit simpler than that, and hopefully more fun.

Cards Based on Experience - and a book

The Status Game card game is a card game based on years of experience and research - research which all can be seen in the first edition of the book of the same name - The Status Game™.

Expandable - and a full listing of cards

The Status Game is expandable. Cards are listed above in an easily searchable display. And a more expanded manual is available online. You can even suggest new card ideas, based on your experiences. Colorful artwork and tongue in cheek commentary makes for a fun experience. .

Unique to The Status Game™ card game

The Status Game™ is a card game for 3-6 players. Players draw playing cards that represent various flavors of status, and attempt to date and then marry one of the other players. Yes, you can try to marry your friend's wife, and he can try to make your girlfriend his significant other.

Expanded online manual

Can't get enough? The expanded manual is online - this includes more detailed descriptions of cards, extra options, and even a way for you to submit your own ideas.

Always updated card game

New cards are being added all the time - sometimes because of your excellent suggestions.

  • Feb 12: Fixed issue with Addiction card
  • Feb 9: Issue with Quick start card outline fixed

Easy to play

Easy to get started. Everyone 'gets' it because everyone has dated. Yes, this is where the married people start laughing.

The Status Game - The Cards

Here is the non exhaustive list of playing cards. More cards are added all the time. Newest playing cards may not make it here immediately. Note that artwork may not match if a new deck is published - artwork and comments are sometimes revised. Sorry for the watermarks but, y'know. Click the buttons to filter which playing cards you see.


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Meet the Designer

The Status Game was designed and created by an author, speaker, and game designer...


Mark Bradford

Creator of The Status Game

Mark Bradford started over 20 years ago, created an RPG with three sets of special 12 sided dice. He went on to design another more compact RPG, and then The Status Game playing card game. He's authored three books, and his latest book The Status Game, is due out this year.


Mark Bradford

Web Developer

14 years running his own IT & Web Development company, Mark deveoped the site that draws the cards from a database so you always see the latest creations. He excels and converting the technical into layman's terms, and vice versa. After going through a rather intense research stint, he created onlyaglance.com, a dating site like no other.


Clay Klobner

Additional Person

This isn't a real person, it's just a picture that was used as filler when creating stuff, and three looks better than two. Well, I'm sure he's a real person - he's just not involved in this project. I wish him well but then by now who knows where he is? Oh why doesn't he ever write?

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