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The Status Game Podcast

A new launch of this podcast. Have trouble meeting people? How do I meet the right people? How do I meet more people? Why are so many dates a fail? Which dating site is the best? Do dating sites work? Is a matchmaker good for me? Do matchmakers actually work? All...

Free book: The Status Game II

Want a free 202 page book that explains how we connect with other people, why they choose you over someone else, and even why you stay at a job you hate? I made The Status Game II kindle version free this weekend (feb 23rd & 24th) for anyone that wants it. If...

Status conversations

Have you ever had a Status Conversation. You know that you did – and it was probably NOT enjoyable. Learn what it is, how to change it, and listen to the end for a gift for the weekend.

The Tinder Trap – The Public Humiliation of Men

The Tinder Trap - Public Humiliation of Men I was recently made aware of a video called The Tinder Trap in which an Instagram model supposedly tricked hundreds of men on Tinder into meeting her at union square in New York. She and her crew did this by using cheap...


Status - one of the most fascinating things I've ever discovered.  What is it?  Does it really control you, and all your relationships?  Where did it come from?